Testimonials & Reviews

You ARE a Yummy Mummy!

"I am a first time mum of a 4 month old little boy. Becky has been a continued source of support throughout my pregnancy and the first few months, she listens and asks all the right questions and then without any judgement offers advice and extremely helpful suggestions. She is completely at ease around not only her own baby but every other baby I have seen her with. She has helped me put my little boy into a sleep routine and has been available for advice whenever I need her. She is very knowledgeable and has a such a gentle manner that instantly makes you feel at ease. Parenting can be very lonely but Becky has made me feel as though there is a place for me as a mother in this world of perfect mummy bloggers and yummy mummies. She continuously encourages me not to doubt my ability to be a good mother".

Papa Bear!

"One evening Becky was leaving work, I told her how I was feeling and that I still hadn’t started my periods. We sat nervously together whilst waiting for the test to give us an answer. "Your pregnant it's positive". I was shocked to believe this. I looked at it hundred times before it actually sunk into me that I am actually pregnant. The moment of joy happiness was unreal. At the same time was a big shock too. 

My first trimester started and as I grew and my baby grew, Becky was always there, giving me as much info as she could. One day she mentioned about birthing partner (doula). I was clueless as my husband was still in Pakistan and couldn't be here for the birth. Becky mentioned how much she’d love to witness a natural birth as previously she had the opportunity to witness C section. I then offered her to be one of my birthing partners, to which she was over the moon and then named ‘papa bear’ as Daddy was too far to be around. 

Becky came with me to my 20 week scan. Where I was told I would be blessed with a little boy. 

Now at my birth, Becky was very reassuring and offered lots of support. Becky would massage my lower back as that was where my sensations where. She listened to me well and responded to my wishes with kindness. 

Becky was very positive and praised me throughout, on how calm I was as I was breathing gently through my labour pain. There came a point where I began to struggle, and I just wanted to give into drugs as I had no energy in me to carry on. With the boost of their confidence and the positiveness I got my energy up and I carried on and there was my baby boy calling for me thanking papa bear for doing a great job.

Becky is a very kind natured person with so much love and care I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Becky was a fantastic Papa bear being around me and my son especially when he was born. She has continued to be in our lives and my son loves her cuddles and enjoys play dates with her own little boy. Becky has been a big part of my son's life and he loves her dearly. For the first time of being a parent you need someone round you with amazing passion. I would recommend her for life.”

Life Saver!

"I was introduced to Becky almost by chance after reaching out to a friend. I was 2 weeks post-partum

and probably at the lowest point, both mentally & physically, I have ever been at in my life particularly as I have no family support nearby.

I sent an enquiry to Becky is a very despondent state, but the warm reply I received gave me some hope so I decided to give it a go. 

In the sessions I had with Becky I not only learnt a lot about childcare and development topics I hadn't even considered, it completely transformed my approach to tackling these early days of motherhood. She does it in a way which is not judgmental or dictatorial, but rather encourages and coaches.

Plus she is very good company and fun to be around so our sessions just flew by!

Some friends commented that having a doula seemed a luxury, but my answer to that was that you can't put a price on your sanity and wellbeing. In my case, it turned out to literally be a lifesaver and I would not hesitate to recommend Becky as a doula.

How I felt:

Before my time with Blossom - overwhelmed, sad, lonely 

After my sessions with Blossom - confident, relaxed, empowered."

Pregnancy Relaxation

If you do one class in the run up to giving birth then make sure it is Becky’s Pregnancy Relaxation class.
Not only is Becky a wonderful host, and extremely good at making me feel calm and relaxed; it was also an invaluable opportunity to spend time with other mums and pick up some great hints, tips and advice.
Can’t wait to put all those calming breathing exercises into practice when we meet our little one! Thank you again 

Baby Massage

 Lovely and relaxed class. Becky was so kind and patient and always offered reassurance with the little day to day struggles. We now use what Becky taught us as part of our bedtime routine which has made so much difference. Would totally recommend. 

Highly Recommended!

 We recently attended baby massage with Becky and it was absolutely fantastic. Me and my daughter really enjoyed it - it was such a lovely relaxing environment and very easy to pick up the techniques. We now incorporate them into our bath time/bed routine which really calms my baby before bed.
Becky is a wonderful teacher and made us feel really at ease - would highly recommend her if you are looking for baby massage