I am trained in teaching an antenatal education programme called The Wise Hippo. This programme not only educates, but empowers couples to make informed decisions, to ensure they have the right birth on the day.
 I know this programme is effective and gets results as I embarked on this hypnobirthing journey myself in 2017. I had a 25-hour labour, with induction consisting of an intravenous drip of syntocinon, epidural and forceps and I can honestly say I had the right birth on the day for not only myself but my partner and baby boy. This programme gave me and my partner the confidence and empowerment we needed to feel calm, passionate and excited leading up to and including the birth of our baby.  


 I have been a doula for a wonderful lady whose partner couldn’t be there for the pregnancy and birth of her baby. I was there to support her from day one when she took the pregnancy test until today. She has written a lovely case study / testimonial about our time together. I have also been a postnatal doula which is very similar to the family care I provide below. 

Breastfeeding Support

 I offer informal, un-invasive friendly breastfeeding support and advice to those who may need it. If you had asked me before I was pregnant if this is something I would do, I would have told you, never. However, once finding out I was pregnant I had this sudden rush and urge to give my baby the absolute best start in life. Now 9 months (and counting) I have impressively breastfed my little boy and I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding. It can be a very sensitive, demanding and intense journey therefore I am more than willing to support those who need it. I was very lucky to have such a fantastic support network around me to empower and encourage me to success. However, other families aren’t so lucky, therefore why I hope to make as many woman’s breastfeeding journey a success.

Family Care

I am a very experienced Family Support Worker where I have mainly worked with families from bumps – primary school age. As there are no two families the same, each family will have their own bespoke tailored programme. This will be designed and carried out to ensure they have the best support provided. Many area’s in which I provide support in are:

- Postnatal from birth – 6 weeks (or until Mum & Dad feel confident to let me go)

- Feeding your baby (responsive): breastfeeding, expressing, combi feeding, formula 

- Baby development / activities & play groups

- The 4th Trimester 

- Sleeping 

- Gentle routines 

- Weaning babies & Healthy Eating for children

- Speech and Language 

- Family Isolation & Community knowledge 

- Family well-being & General Housekeeping in the early stages of parenthood

- Child development / activities & play groups

- Behaviour management 

- Potty training 

- School readiness