Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Thank you for showing an interest in Blossom's Pregnancy Relaxation Weekly Classes. The programme I teach is by a company called The Little Birth Company. Pregnancy Relaxation classes are a gentle and positive way to start your pregnancy and prepare you for birth.

The sessions are 75 minutes long, comprising of 

* Welcome and introductions

* Mindful breathing exercises

* Weekly topic including discussion topic (Pregnancy & Birth related)

* Getting to know you whilst drinking tea & eating cake!  

The course is a block of 6 sessions, however drop ins are welcome. 

Week 1 - Relaxation in Pregnancy 

Week 2 - Sleep in Pregnancy 

Week 3 - Fear in Pregnancy 

Week 4 - Healthy Choices 

Week 5 - Preparing for birth 

Week 6 - Oxytocin for birth 

Depending on venue, you will need to bring a yoga mat (Oving Village Hall) and anything else to aid your comfort. I will provide the cushions, blankets, hot drinks, cold drinks and of course cake. Please let me know of any dietary requirements you have. 

A booking form will need to be completed and return to me as soon as possible. You will receive this on receipt of inquiry. 

Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been made and the booking form is returned. Please click on the classes button and follow the online booking system. 

Drop ins are £12 per session and can be paid cash on the day. 

If you are on Facebook, please feel free to join us in The LBC Community Group for all things positive. You will also receive an 'Oxytocin for birth' MP3 download.