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Where it all began


I have always had a passion for helping others, offering support and looking after children. My passion first started when I became the second oldest cousin in my family, of 8 cousins. My paternal Grandmother was a childminder (Saint!) and as both of my parents worked hard, I spent most of my early childhood watching her teach, care and support families who needed it. 

Fast forward 10 years to my first job working in a private day Nursery for children. I continued my love for childcare for another 4 years where I experienced working with all age groups from birth - 5 years. After 7 years, I came to the decision, I wanted to support families. Providing them with early intervention, top tips, knowledge, understanding and care for children. It was in the beginning of 2015 where I moved on to be a Family Support worker. I LOVED this job, as the variety of people, backgrounds and cultures not only inspired me, but taught me so much in only two and a half years. 

In the summer of 2017 my Partner and I became the proud parents of this little cutie. I experienced so much in my pregnancy, labour and birth which I cannot wait to share with you. NOTHING scary as every moment was right for me and my baby. We took part in hypnobirthing, which I loved from the start, as I have more recently been into alternative methods. My sceptical partner said yes, mainly to support me with my choices. By the end of session one he was snoring away and felt the feelings hypnobirthing should make you feel... CALM & RELAXED! Because of the wonderful experience we had with this programme I decided to train in it myself and become a Hypnobirthing teacher. More people need to experience this alternative method of antenatal education. NO it isn't all tree hugging and braiding dreads (not that, that isn't cool!) It's modern, current and a positive way of birthing your baby. 

July 1st 2017, once the boy finally arrived! The first 3 months (4th Trimester) postnatal where the most beautiful, tough, wonderful and exhausting moments of my parenthood. I am extremely lucky that I have the BEST support network around me consisting of family, friends and health care professionals. Because of this, I have decided to offer my services to others, to ensure their journey throughout parenthood can go as smoothly as possible. I aim to support families and offer continuity of care from pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."  

                                                  - Mother Teresa 

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