As a doula I am there to support women, men and families in a variety of situations. From, a wide range of births, to different parenting choices and styles.  The services I provide will vary according to the needs of the women, couple or family. I am not medically trained and therefore won’t provide you with medical advice. However, I will work in collaboration with the medical professionals within your care and support you to make your own informed decisions. 

There are two types of doulas services I offer. Birth Doula and Postnatal Doula. 

· Birth doulas will provide continual support, for women, men and families, throughout their pregnancy, labour, birth and immediate postnatal time.

· Postnatal doulas provide flexible practical and emotional support postnatally for new mothers, fathers and families in their own homes.

Birth Doula

As a birth doula, I will support all births, from VBAC, planned caesarean birth, inductions, multiple births, water births, home births etc. Antenatally I suggest meeting with the couple at least twice before 38 weeks and will available via email or telephone in the meantime. This will enable us to get to know each other better and to discuss birth preferences as well as options. A lovely way to compliment the hypnobirthing programme I teach is to continue supporting the family as their doula, either with birth or postnatally. 

I will be ‘on call’ two weeks pre and post your EDD (estimated due date), and available via the phone 24/7. I will also ensure I am no more than 2 hours drive from your chosen birth environment. During labour I am there to provide emotional, practical and informational support to you. I will ensure both parents – to - be are as calm and relaxed as they can be during this time. I will offer support and suggestions on breathing techniques, being active in labour, relaxation, fear release repositioning and many more. To me, the most important role, is to provide nurturing, continual support and reassurance. Once baby is born, I won’t leave the family until they are happy, settled and ready to proceed with the next chapter in their life.

After the birth, I would love to meet your latest addition and carry out a postnatal visit. I will do this to support you, as you settle in to life with a new baby, help with infant feeding as needed and provide you with the safe space to talk over the labour and birth. 


Postnatal Doula


As a postnatal doula, I will work with the family from birth until they've reached a point where they feel ‘they've got this!’ We can either arrange the agreement antenatally or you can contact me at any point after your baby is born. Similar to supporting birth clients, I will provide families with emotional, practical and informational support.

Regarding the practical support I provide, it varies enormously, and one of the big benefits of having a postnatal doula is that they are there to support the family, not carry out a specific task. The areas of support can be discussed prior to our agreement in an introductory meeting held within the comfort of your own home. The fundamental outline of what I represent as a postnatal doula is to support you to be the best parents you want to be.

Postnatal doula’s can offer emotional support for mothers and couples. 

There is lots of information out there by lots of different people which can be quite overwhelming for most parents. One of my roles is to provide you with the opportunity to talk things through, and just chat, knowing that there will be no judgment or telling you what to do. Talking over the birth is a usual part of this, however we can also cover topics such as, concerns about siblings, feeding, going back to work, weaning, sleep, what my NCT friends are doing or what Great Grandma did when she was a Mama! 

I offer two packages for postnatal doula work. Either 3 weeks at £90 or 6 weeks for £150. There maybe additional  travel expenses due to your location. Please discuss this with me on booking. Each session is 1.5 hours long.