Breastfeeding Support


I offer informal, un-invasive friendly breastfeeding support and advice to those who may need it. I can sign post you to four amazing contacts who will ensure your breastfeeding journey is a positive, successful one. If you had asked me before I was pregnant if this is something I would do, I would have told you, never. However, once finding out I was pregnant I had this sudden rush and urge to give my baby the absolute best start in life. I impressively breastfed my little boy for 14 months and I am a huge advocate for it. Breastfeeding can be a very sensitive, demanding and intense journey therefore I am more than willing to support those who need it. I was very lucky to have such a fantastic support network around me to empower and encourage me to success. However, other families aren’t so lucky, therefore, I hope to make as many woman’s breastfeeding journey an enjoyable and successful one.

Fancy meeting for a coffee and having your first public feed? I'd love to meet you. Strength in numbers right!