Blossom Networking Group

a group of Aylesbury & surrounding area's, female business owners. getting together to empower, boos

I have created a networking group for like minded independent female business owners. You could be venturing into a new path whilst on MAT leave, already self-employed before our paths crossed or working else where but have the idea of a self-employed business in mind. Either way, this group is for you! I have been running this group for a year now and with the same group of faces returning, showing continued support. 

Networking meetings happen once a month, always on the second Wednesday, except December 2019, which will be on a Thursday. I have ensured that Blossom Networking Group doesn’t operate on a professional lock out system. This means, EVERYONE can come. Just because there are 5 photographers, or 3 baby massage therapists doesn’t mean you’re not welcome. There is no such thing as competition. You are unique and the only you. People by from people. Within the current BNG tribe, we have a range of skills between us. Not only providing different businesses, we offer a variety of areas of expertise. We bounce off each other, creating solutions and overcoming hurdles as a group. I created this group to help you grow and Blossom into the business you desire to be. 

For just £5 per month you can subscribe to BNG membership and receive the following:

- Full use of advertising your business, events within Blossom Networking Group

- Logo will be added to the group banner 

- Additional promotion for your business by adding your flyers to other member’s goodie bags 

- Being recommend on popular Facebook groups (giving you the chance to be the ‘go to’ person within that field). 

- Live video’s 

- Resources 

- Uploaded files 

- Specialist Advice

At the meetings you will always receive a warm and friendly welcome as well as drinks and nibbles. These get togethers provide you with:

- The chance to get out and talk to others. Being self employed can be lonely at times. 

- Having office banters without the bitching, mangers or other moaning staff!

- For those who have children, these meetings provide grown up time!! 

- Connections and pathways for your business to develop and evolve authentically with gentle encouragement. 

- The chance to work in collaborations with other businesses.  

- To speak to an all-female group about the struggles, the successes and the unknown of your business. 

What member’s have to say about the BNG meetings:

“Informal, supportive, motivating, no pressure”. 

“Always laughing” 

“I love an evening of laughter- good for the soul!”

“I always come away feeling that I've spent time with women who really care about each other. The support within the group is amazing.”

“Great meeting last night, thoroughly enjoyed us all getting together as usual!”

The great thing about joining the membership is that if you can’t attend every meeting, you’ll receive a catch up file. You can also be a listener! You don’t have to say anything at all about your business, you can come, listen and take notes. There is absolutely no pressure at all. As a thank you for reading down to the end and joining our membership, you will be entered into a Blossom Christmas Raffle. The winner will be drawn on Tuesday 10th December. Follow the link below to join our membership today…

BNG Tribe Membership