Blossom Networking Group

a group of local female business owners getting together to empower, boost & develop their business.

With the increase in members and work load, BNG is taking up more of my time. Ensuring the monthly meetings are happening, booking guest speakers, future workshops, facilitating the space, supplying food, drink and providing endless promotion of your business, this has now become a job in itself. I absolutely love doing it, and wont ever stop this wonderful tribe of women from connecting to each other and providing you with the platform to network and Blossom. I would love for those continued ‘customers’ to ensure they are getting more and more from the group and will provide a BNG Tribe members only group.

For only £5 a month you will continue to obtain information from meeting’s, a round up of who’s there and any offer’s they have on currently, be part of our monthly giveaways, attend workshops and hear from guest speakers, in addition to the endless amount of promotion of your company. If this is for you, then please join me in the BNG tribe – Watch us Blossom. 

You do not have to attend every meeting, as we I know you have a life! However, being part of this members group ensures whatever you have missed, will be written down for you to ‘catch up’ with when the time is best suited for you. There will also be some other surprises along the way to ensure that we can win a hamper every now and again! 

The next meeting is Wednesday 10th April, with guest speaker Laura Smith from HexNex. If you’d like a space at this meeting, head over to BNG Tribe and start your membership today

BNG Tribe Membership