What is Baby Massage and Why do I need it?

Baby Massage


Baby massage provides a wonderful, nurturing hands on experience for both you and your baby whilst offering a unique way for you to communicate with your little one through touch and eye contact.

The 4 week baby massage courses covers the following massage areas:


· Chest and stomach 

· Legs and feet

· Arms and hand 

· Back, head and face massage 

· Recap of full sequence and ‘graduation’

The programme i teach


The Baby Massage course involves 4 x 50 minute weekly sessions and is suitable for babies aged between 4 weeks to crawling. Baby massage has amazing benefits for both parent and baby. 

Benefits for baby


  •  increases the bond between parent and baby
  • aids deeper longer sleep
  • relaxing and reduces crying
  • helps baby ailments such as teething
  • helps tummy troubles such as colic, constipation and digestive issues
  • reduces fussiness
  • enhances development
  • tones and strengthens muscles
  • aids co-ordination
  • increases body awareness
  • boosts immunity
  • releases 'happy hormones' which make your baby feel good!

Benefits for caregivers



  • increases the bond with your baby
  • offers empowering tools to help with issues such as colic and sleep
  • helps you sleep better
  • group sessions are great to meet other parents
  • helps you get to know your baby and their cues
  • reduces 'baby blues' and postnatal depression
  • releases 'happy hormones' and which make you feel good!

What's included


All of my baby massage courses include tuition from an experienced infant massage instructor (ME!), bottle of organic NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES massage oil, massage mats, baby massage guide booklet of all the strokes and movements and lots of smiles from your baby!! I have recently added a set of two milestone cards, one for their 1st session and a  second for their graduation class. 

What should i bring?


Other than your normal amount of 'everything but the kitchen sink'. Please bring with you, a towel to catch any accidents as we practice with lots of skin to skin and a blanket to keep areas warm when we're not massaging. 

Baby Massage Courses


Blossom with Baby Massage

  • £50 per Adult & Baby
  • 4 Week Course 
  • Bottle of ORGANIC NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES  oil will be provided 
  • Set of milestone cards (1st session & graduation)
  • Goodie bag for adult with samples & money off vouchers. 

Blossom with Baby Massage, is for all caregivers to take part in a wonderful bonding experience with their baby. This group also encourages you to meet other families within your local area. 

Come along to a class with your Mummy friends, or host a course at your house (minimum of three families, within 30 minutes of Aylesbury). 

There is a no massage rule 24 hours post immunisations.